ÖGHMP, the Austrian Society for Hygiene, Microbiology and Preventive Medicine, was founded in 1925 and is the national partner for "hygiene specialists" in different disciplines (Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Food Hygiene, Water Hygiene). ÖGHMP is the only society in that field in Austria that strives for the "One Health" approach from its beginning.

Activities and interests of OEGHMP focus likewise on scientific and academic issues as well as on professional and political issues of hygiene, microbiology and preventive medicine

Aims and targets of OEGHMP as issued in the constitution of the society are:

  1. Promotion of all branches of hygiene, microbiology and preventive medicine with regard of scientific and practical issues,
  2. Support of cooperation within Austrian hygienists, microbiologists and medical preventionists as well as cooperation with scientists of related fields for the benefit of scientific progress,
  3. Promotion of international cooperation in hygiene, microbiology and preventive medicine,
  4. Consulting in hygiene, microbiology and preventive medicine for authorities, corporations under public law, third parties, enterprises, and individuals who are engaged in public health and public hygiene,
  5. Promotion of young scientists of the respective branches by means of scientific awards.

These aims are put into life by a range of activities:

The following links lead to video clips which outline in German the characteristics and aims of a selection of specialities under the roof of OEGHMP: